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Using your smartphone as a home stereo

apartments for rent in Cambridge, technology, entertainmentNowadays, phones can be used for a lot more than just making calls and receiving text messages and can even enhance the atmosphere of your
Cambridge apartment. Use your smartphone to stream music to your stereo system with the help of a variety of technologically savvy options. Smartphones often store your favourite tunes and offer a compact way to carry around a full music collection. Enjoy the flexibility that comes with music-streaming apps, Bluetooth receivers and even hard-wired solutions that are relatively inexpensive. Today, our preferred property management company Williams and McDaniel has selected some products and technologies that will allow you to use and sync your smartphone to your home stereo system.

Wired Options

One of the greatest perks of choosing a wired option is that it can be accomplished with connectors that cost as little as $10 and are available at most electronic stores. Be sure to ask for a connector with a 3.5-millimeter prong that plugs into your phone’s headphone jack and two RCA connectors that plug into your stereo’s audio inputs. A disadvantage to this method is that your smartphone must remain next to your home stereo when you want to listen to some tunes. Wired solutions offer slightly higher quality at a less expensive cost. Best Buy located on 28 Pinebush Road currently stocks the Dynex Direct 3.5-mm to RCA Cable that will connect your phone and other devices to your home stereo receiver. Both Williams and McDaniel’s Cedar Towers apartments and Olympus Court apartments are less than 15 minutes away from the store.

Wireless Options

 A large number of electronic retailers sell wireless adapters that receive a Bluetooth signal that can be easily connected to your home stereo’s audio inputs. Many of these adapters can receive signals from up to 30 feet away. The freedom that comes with Bluetooth is just one of its main advantages. Located on 18 Pinebush Road, Future Shop is 10 minutes away from the apartments and offers a large selection of Bluetooth adapters that fit a variety of budgets. Future Shop currently stocks the Philips Bluetooth Hi-Fi Adapter and the Aluratek 30-Pin Bluetooth Adapter, which have both received rave reviews from those who have used these devices. A wireless solution will allow you to change music tracks, skip songs, and select music from a distance without interrupting the flow of music.

Internet Streaming

 Online streaming is a great way to discover new music and artists and to revisit old favourites you’d long since forgotten. These same streaming services are now available on your smartphone through a variety of downloadable apps. Due to the fact that most of these services are supported by ads, most of these apps are free. The only costs are limited to the data used when downloading a streaming service’s app and listening to it on your smartphone. If you don’t mind shelling out some extra cash, several music-streaming services offer premium subscriptions for a monthly fee that allows you to listen to music without advertisement interruptions. Hype Machine Mobile is available for iPhone and 8tracks, a crowd sourced radio with over 800,000 digital mix tapes, is compatible with iPhone, Android and Blackberry phones.

External Speakers

 Investing in a set of speakers complete with a dock for your MP3 device is another great way to utilize your smartphone. The Source located on 355 Hespeler Road #198 is only nine minutes away from the Cedar Tower apartments and seven minutes away from the Olympus Court apartments. Stop by the store and peruse speaker options like the inStudio BerlinWireless Speaker dock and Sony Speaker Dock.

Fill the bright and spacious rooms of your apartment with tunes using your smartphone. Choose the best option for you and get ready to utilize your phone for more than phone calls and texts. Located on 72 Alison Avenue and 10 George Street South, Williams and McDaniel’s Cambridge apartments offer beautiful rental options nestled into a quiet and comfortable neighbourhood.