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Creative bedroom window treatments up windows in any room by embellishing them with unique and captivating treatments. Using everyday materials in ways that you may not expect, creative window coverings can be made or purchased in store. Whether you’re considering window treatments in order to achieve some privacy or simply for decoration purposes, the finished results are bound to breathe new life into rooms.  If you’re looking to enhance the windows in your Cambridge apartment, our preferred property management company, Williams and McDaniel, has some ideas to inspire your window decorating projects.

Beaded/Crafty Curtains

If your love of jewelry extends past bracelets and necklaces and into home décor, a beaded curtain is a creative curtain choice. This simple yet dazzling curtain is best suited for an area where privacy isn’t a priority or an issue. The ‘Melina Bee’ blog features a DIY Beaded Curtain picture tutorial that will walk you through the steps for creating this bohemian style decoration. Iguana Beads located on 710 King Street East (Highway #8) has an astounding collection of semi-precious beads and is less than a 15-minute drive from the apartments. Another option for your craft supplies is Michaels located on 18 Pinebush Road less than 15 minutes away from the Cambridge apartments.

Infuse Nature

Integrating nature into your decorating scheme is not only unconventional, but it is also cost-effective. Next time you make the 10-minute drive from the Cedar Towers apartments or the five-minute drive from the Olympia Court apartments to Grand River Conservation Park located at 400 Clyde Road don’t forget to pick up a branch. Add a rustic element to your room by hanging your curtains on the branch, which you can leave in its natural state or paint for added flair. For a little inspiration and instruction on how to create your own nature-inspired treatment, visit the ‘Less Than Perfect Life of Bliss’ blog’s Tree Branch Curtain Rod tutorial.

Sport Fans

Individuals who are passionate about sports will appreciate this window treatment. Constructed using various sports teams’ pennants and hanging them over the window, this alternative to curtains will allow you to showcase your love of hockey, baseball, football or whichever sport you fancy. After visiting All-Star Sports Collectibles located at 4A-385 Fairway Road South, which is less than 25 minutes from both apartments, you’ll be on your way to making the ‘DIY Network’ baseball window treatment.

Thrift Store/Vintage

Flea markets, thrift stores and trips are all occasions when you can acquire some truly unique pieces of decoration. Purchases like decorative poles and asymmetrical wood sculptures can be modified so that you can attach curtains to them. However, it is important that the materials or the color you select make sense with the existing palette in your house to avoid an awkward mix. If you’re in the mood to go searching for that hidden gem, the Salvation Army Thrift Store located on 425 Hespeler Road and Value Village located on 480 Hespeler Road are some great places to visit that are less than 10-minute walking and driving distance from both the apartments.

In the place of conventional curtains and blinds, adopt and decorate your apartment space with these creative window treatment alternatives.  With bright and spacious rooms in both of Williams and McDaniel’s Cambridge apartments located on 10 George Street South and 72 Alison Avenue, you may want some privacy and these snazzy solutions will give you that and a dash of style.