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Best Locally-Focused Menus in Cambridge


cambridge blog 0617 Local seasonal produce is just one of the great things about summer. Restaurant menus often reflect this and tailor their menus to include seasonal vegetables and fruit selections. Oftentimes, restaurants prefer to keep their fresh ingredients local to help support smaller businesses and farmers. Our preferred property management company, Williams and McDaniel, offers Cambridge apartments that are close to a variety of mouthwatering and locally focused food spots.

Cambridge Mill

Local produce and ingredients are not only delicious and healthy, but using them also helps keep smaller businesses running. The Cambridge Mill is one restaurant that lives by this mantra and currently participates in the “Earth to Table” Philosophy. As a result of this, every dish offered on their menu is comprised of responsibly and locally grown ingredients. The lunch, dinner, dessert and brunch menus are also modified throughout the year to reflect what is in season. Choose from the finest hand-marbled meats, local cheeses, truffles and a mouthwatering and fresh everyday seafood selection. Located on 130 Water Street North, the Mill is only a 3-minute car ride or 12-minute walk from the Cedar Towers Apartments and The Olympia Court Apartments are only a 7-minute car ride.

Elixir Bistro

If you prefer meals with exquisite vegetable side dishes and tender pork, duck or lamb, the Elixir Bistro is a culinary wonder that should not be missed. Located on 34 Main Street, this artisan of food is a 2-minute car ride and a 6-minute walk from the Cedar Towers, while the Olympia Court Apartments are a 6-minute car ride and a 26-minute walk away. Satisfy a hungry palate with sensational menu items that include crispy Duck Confit, Chicken Basquaise and Eggplant Bruschetta. In order to maintain quality meals and dishes, Elixir’s menu features frequent changes to accommodate the freshest in-season produce.

Café 13 Grill

 Since the 1980s, the Café 13 Grill has offered the Cambridge community an appetizing alternative to roadhouses and sports bars. With large portions and a desire to explore new and exciting foods and concepts, Chief Michael Boyd has created a business that has thrived and continues to forge relationships with local brewers and farmers.  Located at 14 Main Street, the Grill is 2 minutes away by car and 6 minutes walking distance away from the Cedar Towers apartments. The Olympia Court apartments located at 72 Alison Avenue are only a 6-minute car ride and 27-minute walk, which you can enjoy either before or after your meal.  With classic comfort food that includes fish and chips, spaghetti and meatballs and chicken and sausage gumbo, the lunch and dinner menus are set to satisfy all kinds of hungry patrons. For those who are allergic to gluten, the Café recently introduced gluten-free lunch and dinner menus.

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